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Friday, February 8

When I start saying things..

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dear Keeper,

It's the second month of the year and I'm gonna open up a little about what I've been through last month. I was in my cave. I was in a time when things get pretty rough for me and my family Thing wasn't really okay(sorry I won't be sharing it here) . And I just said to myself that this will make me stronger. And that's when I know how to cope with this world. With the support of my precious friends and family , I am able to stand again.  The world is big as it is but we just have to find the few points that made us lively and able to see it in a beautiful perspective.

Life is about trying things out for me . And experiencing it yourself so that it'll give you a big impact . TRY AND ERROR. You don't have to listen what others may say. You might have another point of view too. So make it as a challenge to yourself, as long as you think its the best for you. If it happen to be at the false state , chin up and ask for advice from the person you trust the most and don't ever tweet or fb your problems.Its the best to discuss about it. Ask around for opinions, I'm sure enough they'll understand .

It's great to know the life you're having isn't as bad as the poor ones. We get to eat everyday , we get to smell our perfume everyday, we get to ride the car everyday , we get to watch movie everyday(certain), we get to wear shoes, we get to even breathe normally . That is life worth living.

1. So back to what I've been doing for the whole month, been working as usual and was considering a raise for my salary. I was really ready to tell boss about it and believe it or not the boss had a sudden change of mind to give us some special relief allowance every month instead of raising it(after so long...said the senior staff) and it's already good enough for me xD That was the happiest day of my life. The environment became totally meaningful to me. It feels like I have to work harder. But just one... just one thing I couldn't quit thinking about is an... ultimate vacation! Haven't been on a trip for awhile already. Still thinking about it until now. The saddest part is our company(Architect) wasn't selected to go to the trip(Somewhere outside malaysia)where the ID's and airports management got to go(saw it on fb though :P). So the point is we need some time out too! Enough with the office part for a while, it's not a big deal for me anyway except for the seniors ^_^V

2. And one of my best friend moved out to Melby and I didn't have the chance to hang out with her before she leaves :( I only get to send her off at the airport but her other close friends were there too so I didn't have the chance to catch up cause we did promised to catch up during that day .( But we just did catch up on skype just not :P). It's really sad knowing that she's not going to be here for the next 3 years :( A friend of mine and hers is going to deliver a baby soon but we're not together like we used too. It's kind of emotional for me to see this. I'm sureee enough I'm gonna go visit her there someday next year insyaAllah :)

Nothing much I could say here but things has been settle by one another. Hopefully things will return as it is.Gonna write more soon <3 nbsp="" p="">

With love,
Nadiana xx