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Thursday, December 27

New Beginning

Assalamualaikum wbt

This is me writing again after years of not being concern about how I really lived my life , how I abandoned a lot of things I've been longing to achieve, how I'm scared things wouln't turn out the way I wanted.This is me again and again, being a jerk,wanting to move forward but not being able to even take off the first step to the second step. I've always been a dreamer and hoping things will come true with a blink of an eye but when I realized everything felt so wrong,I can't barely even see where I'm really going now.Where is my path? Where is my joy? Where the world is taking me? Where is ... ME?

For the past few month I've been thinking a lot and what to write to the world about what I'm really doing. The more I think the more I think of how to impress people. Which is not healthy at all. But then I started thinking, more deeply, is this the journey that pulls me towards happiness? Will I be this way forever? How can you reach the destination when you can't even find the path and go through all the consequences. How can you be scared of something that doesn't even happen yet?

I'm not too young anymore to say that I don't know where I'm suppose to be now. Now that's me loving to bang myself so much because I admit it I haven't achieve that much for this couple of years. Like it or not I need to do a simple reminder for myself so that I won't be carried away with all the pleasures I've got which is not really taking me anywhere better. I have to do so much better so that the pleasures I earn myself could become my permanent happiness.

I feel like I've been spoilt with some certain manners that I was blinded to see what has really gotten into the real world. What have I missed? Which is a lot ; All you need to do is just catch up while you can. Pick up those pieces you left behind and start re-collecting so that you can re-connect your mind and your soul to at least, feel the pride and contentment again. Inner-potrait of yourself is so important because the whole world can see who you really are. How you speak and how you deal with people around you is how the world will get back to you. Don't ask why because isn't it obvious the more you take things lightly, the less people care about you. On the other hand, the more you are grateful about things that you already have, the wiser and calmer you become when it comes to handling difficult situations, and people like yourself.

Self-humanity RESTORED.

With love,
Nadiana Najib

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