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Thursday, December 27

My End of 2012

Assalamualaikum wbt

To be frank I've been really broke this month(december). It has been the worst month for me this year. I lost my iPhone (was pick-pocket at the mall while I was alone), didn't get to continue the clay class I've registered, was pressured about when will I continue my study since its just to hard to decide because I plan on paying the fees myself this time. but it's okay though cause all these things make me learnt how to get back up again and settled some things that I've been avoiding the whole year WHICH IS a good thing for me. Serves you well Nea, serves you well!

And here I am in my own room,actually took the week off(and didn't tell my parents about it),trying to get back to my senses, trying to find some liability in me(sounds pathetic,ain't I ?). While I'm here taking the week off I applied for a part time job only for this weekend to get extra cash, maybe that would help me a little or less to balance my very own financial. It's time to think of my own future.

I may be pushing myself this far, but this is where I can test myself on how much I can achieve without any help of my parents. I don't want to depend on my parents to much anymore. The more I depend on them , the more I feel like I'm more spoiled maybe because I am surrounded by friends at my own age who don't depend on their parents anymore. They even entered college and pay for the registration fees themselves, they support food and drinks for their parents back at their hometown, they even bought their own car, they even extend their studies to find money for the new semester. Compare to them,just who am I ? I just feel like I got a long way to go to be as dependable as them. Slowly,I hope things will go smoothly as I planned. I just hope I will stay strong and achieve what I really want to be as a person. Insya-Allah..

With Love,
Nadiana Najib

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