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Monday, March 8

i thought you were great .

Well exam week is on the move . I have yet studied only one chapter for history tomorrow -.-" . and that's really an example for a good student . okay , i've settled all of my model making since last week plus presentation . Everything is just like a relief . But then i forgot about the exam , THNK GOD i only got two papers . The best thing is we still had the chance to swim at Sg. Gabai a few days before finals . Not at the right timing at all . The art of architecture life . In the mean , we also went to klmu for their portfolio day and it was cool for a friendly session between college . So much had happened and i could list it like twenties . hehe .FYI , we were being kicked out from the studio for staying up late .and its not fair . they should've told us earlier . We were like refugees seeking for home yesterday . But we ended up at Wan's place around bangi with 20 people suck in it . haha what a blast . gotta get back to my study now . wish me luch ! buhbye :)

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