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Thursday, February 25

final project basic design 2 (diploma in architecture programme semeer 2)st


finally the presentation is already done . a lot has happen . unexpected things. tension and depression of uncontrollable mind. we were in college for a week and staright . been through feversand brutal headaches . and i cut my nails off into half from the model board i was cutting .
- plus lots and lots of prob i cant get rid off. it will goes on and on . family . it will always be that way . can't i just have one personality of my mom . its so sad the way she's telling people how bad i am when i did nothing . i was totally down about it . i cant raise my voice any longer . she's my only mom . and i have to bear with it in a little while . Alhamdulillah i finished my design . later on is just some drawings and then finals . i wasnt good at all this sem (too weak to say)but 3.0 should be enough . amin .

ganbatte nee .

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