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Saturday, October 3

Finals project.

Well yesterday we suppose to submit our final drawing of falling water but we started drawing seriously like 3 days ago. He gave us about 3 weeks to do it -.-"..... There you go nea.The things I can't really draw it alone. I wanna see other's progression. itula kelemahan orang melayu .isk isk . next time kne jadi more confident on your on work..it's already 4.30 in the evening. an hour before class.and half an hour before portflio submission. we havent's finished anything yet.dah plan ngan naufal nak print kat luar SAME2 . then baru balik dari kafe beli air , diorang dah xde kat studio ,tinggalkan kitorang bulat2.oohhh, mcm ni lah mmber kan.aku bengang gile betul smlm ..nasib baik aku ni jenis yang x kuat tacing.Sape soh tinggal kitorg ,ha kan dah lambat hantar portffolio tuh ! done the drawings only but the portfolio.. next week la jawabnye..huhuhuh...

petang ni nak gi open house umah shen. hopefully xde lah tersesat.
dah la isnin final exam , i'm 80% unready -.-"

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