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Wednesday, September 30


i love you earth . do stay put. don't go elsewhere ..

phew, just i now when we were on our way back to hostel we saw a lot of people were gathering infront of the hostel. wonder why ? then we ask one of the people there , rupanye tdi gegar stu bangunan. it was my first seeing these kinda situation infront of eyes. and no wonder i felt a lil bit dizzy back then. the worst part of the earthquake is from western indonesia. hopefully it won't spread out until here. Amin.

1 comment:

babynym said...

i felt it too lorh..
tyme tuh i kat apartment..
kat umah my sista yg first..
kat batu tiga kowt..

well sorry hunn didn't get to see u last nyte..
i slept as soon as i got back from dinner with my sibsz..huhu..
so tired..

&& guess wut..
a few mins pas u called tuh, my sis woke me up ckp Abu kat bawah..
he came lorhhh..
klu i kua dh jadi stu msalah for u to see me monyok like kambing..hehe..
sorry tau hunn..

take care..i misssshh uu dammmnnn muchhh lorhhh hunnn... *sob*sob ;(