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Tuesday, August 11

wondering pieces.

Yesterday we went out watching GI joe.. it was unexpected because it was not as cool as i think it was before.. the graphic and the acting is like a full of shit..kan ayiq ika billy ?? :D

well this weekend should be our game for floorball n im going to be the keeper.. its like the most nervous thing ever because i'm going to start first before the experienced keeper.. huhu. guys gimme support ! come see me play :

date : 15th august 2009
time: 12 to 2pm
venue : sports plaza PJ.

come2 people !

eeee, n n about mtv tickets, i was too late for it. i thought i could renew my no. to get those tickets without my bro's help. but it was worthless.. myb i wasn't meant to go after all.
assignment assignmentss.. so many to do.. but i'l be okay. go go chaiyok (self motivation-.-)

i wanna keep myself bz so that i won't think of anything that could let me down..

college life is soo much different than before.. controlling all that i got.
i can do it yeahhh !!
tonight ade charity gig kat my kolej..
my lecturer sume pun join.
mcm awkward gig jek.
find it out.

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