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Wednesday, July 29

So Little SO late.

Been very busy with my assignments.. We have to do like this whole design which relate to eco-friendly theme . (basic design)We planned to make a cleaner kit which contains mop, broom , window cleaner and also ceiling cleaner. everything was well-done until the water filter we should be doing(inside the mopping pail). At first we thought we could do it .but at the end it was as hard as rock. daymm . i hate this part.
my groupmates has all given up to do the water filter . but yea , i still try to find the way by rinsing the sand again and again until the water got shallow.(we made the filter by using sand gravel and stones)..until now we havent finished anything yet. except for the poster 80 % done..
i'm soo depressed i could cried out loud.. but thx to nopal n meeko .haha kn nopal kn !
credits to billy yg tlg ptg kn plywood first2 tuh.

I still have more assignments waiting for me ,(tech drwg)_ i have to redo my assignments before because it wasn't approve by sir hayazi (tulisan bunga2 -.-") huhu , guess that's my fault for not doing it according to the instructions given, and and we have to sketch like 5 pictures.. but i haven't finished 2 of it yet..and i have quiz for pgajian islam and pengajian mlysia.. i have groupwork for tech english.. .. n coccuricular activities.. i didn't attend it for this week .. daymm.
i dun wna miss another class.

i wna be as nerdy as i can here.. no more me in the past...
although i'm changing.. but i still can't control my nafsu.. duh,that's normal for humans. so people help me with it.. huhu. and and yesterday was the very first day i perform as a guitarist all my life .lol. yeah , its been years since i played the guitar but i dun hve the guts to perform yet . sempoi sudeyh. i like being around here. surrounded by "good" friends..huhu. but unfortunately , my mom told me that mybe i'll be moving to uitm for good.. but come to think of it. it's really sad. with sopi's departure.. it's like not "IT" ! we mish him so much already ! he's like the backbone of our class..huhu...
this was written 10 minutes before pgajian islam class.(i didn't sleep though , did our design with nothing done).. gtg to class.. quiz...... daymmm .. tawakalillah....

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