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Saturday, August 22

First fasting days.

It feels normal to fast today cause dh gnti puase ,rase cm dh biase la..but the best part is i didn't sleep until sahur ysterday and we cooked fried rice. nyumm ! but i already had maggie 3 hours before n i wasted the fried rice beacuse i'm already full..

that night my mom tetibe ckp nk wat makan2.. fuish punye kelam kabut.. she asked me to peel all 3 packs of potatoes n garlic and and onions.. i was crying in heaven .BAHAHA ! we made nasi beriyani lauk gulai daging n dalca kambing.. fuhhh ! dh mcm org kawen dah ! anywayss, my bro told me that he's getting married next year ,and i was like "whaaaaaat ?", finally ! i've been waiting for something like from one of my elder brothers ..the next day ,he invited her in for a fasting break at our house. she was really cool n nice. she's one of the stewardess, she got short hair n she's super tall(mcm model !).. hope that this one stays. amin.

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