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Monday, June 20

Terang Week :)

It was too great that too many thing have happened in the past 7 day . We were struggling really hard for the performance night while the others were struggling for the video and booth. Since it was our exam week , each of us take turns on practicing the dance moves and buying props. hell of a week I might say .

Day 1
Registration -Hello UTM :)

The accomodation was okay . Not as bad as I thought it will be. First tour around FAB square and then we were asked to paint a mural for our college. It was really fun for the first day. Later that night we were told to pair up and split into groups of 20 and they mixed us up with other bunch of student from other colleges. As the first task , they made us do a few lanterns . The exciting part was 2 of the lanterns were made to be like hot air balloons that can fly to the sky :D Some groups made it but too bad our group didn't make it though :(

Day 2
Green Mural and Sculpture in progress.

I was really excited that we're making a mural "again".We were asked to paint a mural of the Green of Malaysia in abstract.From what I remember, the mural was orderly managed.But here's the highlight of the day,while I was painting, my leg got really sore and I tried sitting down but I sprained my knee bone instead and the brush I was holding flew exactly to Aina's white shirt(Sorry Aina). Oh boy , I can't imagine how painful it was. Then they quickly called the Medic team for help. I can't even straighten my leg. They forced me to straighten it,and I was whining like hell but then the bones cracks. I thought I was about to lose a leg hehe but it was just a minor destruction of the knee joint :) Later that night was the first day for "Performance night".Their performances was super cool, extraordinary I may say.Luckily our's was the day the after. We weren't really ready for it since its our first workshop and performance together.but anyway GO TEAM KACA! :)

Day 3

"Angkat tangan kanan, gedek3x, turun tangan kanan, duduk diam2x" hehe, fun moments warming up before the game.Divided into two , the other team runs for body parts for TERA-MAN , and the other paints and create their own TERA-MAN. For our group we decided to make a SUPER-TERA!! Oh wait, look at how excited I get.hee.but yeah me and Aina went back early cause we had rehearsal for our performance later on that night.

With all the scary thick make-ups,oh ya,we were doing thriller,bsb dance and shufflin(for the heroes) anyway :P then we went on stage for the first time as a team.It was a relief not to be boo-ed at,cause our seniors had experienced a really nasty one back then representing their former college.And so we passed xD

Day 4
Terarace and Sculpture completion

This is it! The day when we went to Johor Bharu for the exciting explorace! We had to get up early in the morning cause the bus leaves at 7.15am sharp.Luckily, we could get up on time after a tiring day the day before. Before the race started, they had a little talk from an AR. about "Iskandar Malaysia" where they talk about their buildings and dragging fresh architects to their projects in the near future.Interesting though.Whatsoever, back to the activity that we were all excited about, EXPLORACE! We had to run all over JB town for like hours to finish off 10 checkpoints! From papertossing til taking the exact photo and look according to pictures given infront of a bank.I was so damn exhausted I couldn't even walk right. I even had a fight with a friend. That night we went for shopping at the bazaar nearby. It was really crazy seeing all the good stuff we don't have in KL on sale. I didn't buy much cause I wanted to save money for architecture book the next day at BAZTER(Bazaar Terang).but then a friend of mine wanted to borrow some bucks and she promised she'll pay me back. I was okay with it they we rushed to the bus because we were already 10 mins late to go back to UTM.

Day 5
Resting day and the not so BAZTER shopping :(

And we woke up having backaches and sore legs getting ready for some shopping at BAZTER,err well not really :( We were about to go out and that's when I realized my purse was not in my cover.I searched all over but I still couldn't find it. We were too exhausted yesterday.Then I asked the faci for help,on my second thought searching it on the bus,and everywhere but it doesn't seem to show.My mood came off instantly.Can't believe I lost my purse for the second effin time! I just walked around BAZTER seeing my friends go shoppin for the last time. Ain't it dreadful ? :)My mood really gone off but luckily the BAZTER living room is opened for performers so I decided so release the stress away by singing. HAHA with no guitar o.O (cause they took the guitar home already since that I'm the last to perform). And so we continue karaoke-ing instead. Later that is the prize giving ceremony, everybody settled down at the same hall that we did our performance. It was kinda like a formal-casual dinner where students get to dress up.For the record, our college made it for the multimedia competition at 3rd place :D and my group won the 2nd prize for the green mural(not feeling the vain anymore reminiscing the part when I sprained my knee bone teehee)

3rd prize for multimedia competition. GO TEAM KACA! :D

Aina,Me and our Mak Ayam(Group Leader) , winning 2nd prize for Green Mural :)

Day 6
Goodbye UTM

And so the final day has arrived, going back home without my wallet but with such full memories to remember.And of course I didn't forget to make a police report before I get home. It was really sad thinking about it though . Hoping when I get back ,everything will be settled but first I must find answers to what my parents would have want to say :/ *am dead

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