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Tuesday, August 24

Things I should not be playing with .

I'm not a superior at this . It is really hard to tell . Time by time it always gets more confusing . I admit , I'm a really emotional person at times . I don't do things really well . I get caught up in a trap really fast . I was so stupid to even fell for it . I was always the one who started the big thing . but then it turn off to be such a crap . I am then afraid to try and trust again. I just need a place to cover my knees so that it won't bleed when I 'm about to bound to Him . But what people do is just taking things for granted . It's just so important to me that you don't even care . You wouldn't know what will happen tomorrow . Because the last thing you know what's important to you is  when you lose 'em . Death . 

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