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Monday, June 28

Pulling myself through, from jumping off a cliff .

OH HELL OH . Really . I waited for like 2 weeks and 3 days to check my result . Yeah ,its not as good . I didn't even get an A . I feel like I'm not worth it anymore . It's like I'm not good in everything I do no matter how much I tried. I can see it clearly . I can feel the insecurities in me had always trembled . But there's only one thing I know about myself that I would never ever give up :) AHAH and now how am I suppose to give proper reasons to my dad again ? SCREW ME ! He kept on asking me about my result instead of giving me money for my registration fee . It wasn't that bad I guess , but yeah I know him pretty well , he had always knocked me out with something even if I did tremendously great. Anyway , the way they handled the registration in my college this time is pretty well messed up . Ouh sure it pisses me off :D

A lot has come to mind since my brother got married in the last 2 weeks . Not that I want it to be the reason of me being so brain-wrecked nowadays but really I'm so out control . Well , I think I am a person of "out of control" . I'm not good in organizing . For now I am . And I know its good for myself to can get things actually right on place . I'm sure the main cause of not doing this is from my dear laziness . GOD help me . Make sure that everything is going to be fine .

P/s : I need to get fit by saturday , cause I'll be the sub MC and the " pengapit" for my brother's wedding night :O


Anonymous said...

really miss u hunn...
thnx for inviting me to ur bro's wed..sorry cudnt make it..
congrts to him aite and to u too for getting kakak ipar...hehe ;PP
keep in touch aite..nthing bout me nnt i msg..
always lar tgk blog i ek...i slalu dh update since i have no where to go coz me getting fatter and lazier..huhu..
i dh tukar url..u thu kan..??

Julia Izzati AB Aziz said...

being all away by myself.
try 2 survive from many "dugaan"..
here's an advice.
u have to say "YOU CAN"
dont ever give up.
i never give up.
try ur best and start organizing.
if u need help..
i will text my mom to give u a book.
a book in my room called "Mananaging Time"
it doesnt help that much.
but it will help u to get some ideas how to start.
if ur interested.
do text.
i will text my mom. k??

Nadiana Najib said...

I love you guys T.T