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Saturday, February 6

Suria Jelatek Opening .

It is apart of my dad's friend's project . A residence around KL . Yesterday was the launching day of it although it is not fully built .They only sell the apartment for relatives in the mean time . I met lot of engineers and arhitects there and i'm feeling much nerve out there . There's this malaysian Ar who is currently working in new york but his major is more to urban planning and interiors . He said sleeping under the table is such a norm for arhitecture student ,then , he laughs . hehe . so much for the incommon . But really , the building suria jelatek is a well-done . The room in each apartment is also as big . and the look out spot from the swimming pool can exactly see the whole city .

Future Suria Jelatek Residence

P/S : The food(chinese food ) at the lauching was seriously delicious and too much to fill in stomach . Had a great time browsing the whole building and watching those chinese girls dancing on stage .

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