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Wednesday, January 27

hulala hoo

daymn insomniac but luckily this insomniac makes me write this . or else i would've not . haha . i'm in the rage of sugaglider now . jst wait til next month when i get one . lovey doveyh .skenyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >.< but taking care of it is like the hardest thing ever . but at least sooner or later ,it will keep me accompany :) insya Allah .

and yeah there's a new design to make for this sem , firstly study table , secondly look out unit tower and the latest one is a retreat ,a cozy place . goshh how i wish i got the site already but i havent picked one yet . dang dang . lazinees strikes this sem . i dunno about onwards.but no matter how much i tried to stay awake for works but still i couldn't achieve what i had in mind . it is just the second sem of diploma :( , targeted 3.7 above . gila !!!!!!!!!!!! i've missed so many classes already . good.

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