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Saturday, December 19

knowing that you're not ,

basically about love , love of a true friendship . heh . we had the lost . when i did that , you were really mad . but now , you're with your NEW world , letting go off everything even your bestest (myb not the best for you ) . you've hurted mine , and the family of hers . what else could you give . you think everthing would be better but no it's not . when will it end ? forever i guess . i'm not going anywhere . i'm just bz with my fucking college life and at least it has something to do with my future and the hope of my parents that had been raising me for 18 years . and the thing that u join , did they raise u for 18 years ? u only want to run away from your problem . you're actually a coward .you're not that big you know . human to human i may say . maybe we shouldnt meet for sometime . i'm tired of hanging out while you're talking about those "new family " things . outside i'm silent, inside i thought about everything my dear .


Julia Izzati AB Aziz said...

cntek ayt..
ckp x tgk kiri kanan..
xtau cite ke da tau??

Anonymous said...

nea..thnx for being there for me..if u've got probs with her then settle it..u're not fighting kan..?
dnt worry bout me..i know i've told you that we had a fight but dnt like if u're involve okay..
take care beb..

she knows bout some things okay..coz she was there for me after reading my blog..soryy if u misunderstood her..if y'all got probs, settle it..jgn babit kan sal i, korunk lak nk gado..i xde kena mengena okay..
u and me, i bleh settle things sndri..dnt need help okay..
well take care..
i do miss you~
ermm.. (-.-)"