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Tuesday, December 22

kalau architecture kena active futsal -.-

well for one whole day we hd class from 8am to 5 pm . the first class was technical drawing . its about rendering and shading . damn i suck . i ws bragging like hell while the others were chilling -.- i was about to cry but ika helped me out to cool down .haha . i don't know i could be that stupid in these kinda things. huhu . luckily the deadline is on the 4th . the second class was basic design , we suppose to show our design development today but my design wasn't really superb to be shown . huhu . guess i have to go somewhere more relaxing to think of an idea . BALI ! here i go for new year :D

at night around 10 , we were suppose to gather at the studio because they're going to play futsal at sports planet,ampang ( tak jauh plakkkkk ). but today is for guys only . next time they're going to let us join them ,barulahh besttt :D . later we went to andalus to have a drink (bt i don't have enough money to spend there -.-) but i shish and it taste like hell ! firstly it was the best . but slowly after that , its kiling me .ahah .bt the price was not that bad . it clearly cheaper than at ss15 .enjoyed the day today . thanks tothe master mind mister naufal .

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