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Thursday, September 3

UP up and awayy.

hee, yesterday went out with naufal , tariq , ika and billy. we were suppose to have dinner(buke puase) at ika's dad's place.. but it was too last minute so we decided to go to OU. watched UP for the second time. it's fun ! like so cute ! when i was out buying popcorn , i heard billy cried mase sad scene tuh, haha. btol ke billy ?? and and we met billy's twin but shorter and cuter ! samaa kottt !! habis movie je strait pegi uptown for supper. i was craving omelette oyster like crazy, but that night terkene rm8 for the meal. dari sedap jadi x sedap sbb mahal T.T...

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tasneem abdul rashid said...

haha..mahal gler ogeyhhh..haha..
tp abis xfud nye?? huhue~
btw, read my blog bout u aite ;) hehe..tc..chowz