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Saturday, September 5


I'm really confused about how things going on yesterday . Met my babes, and it was all awkward. yaaa i know jue ngan wien belom ok. but what's the point of the gathering. I thought of talking over the problem. Maybe we didn't have enough time. Tengokla next time mcm mane. I pun bukannye boleh kuar babes. I already changed u guys. U gotta understand me. Dpn my parents I dh x berani keluar sgt . I dah nak jadi kes mcm dulu. Menyusahkan. Kecuali kalau i kat kolej and we meet somewhere. My dad doesn't like me being around too much friends, u guys know that right. Even skrg pun die x suke i on facebook , n pegang phone je pun die dah perli2.. I dah pakai tudung pun die perli gak "depan aku buat2 baek , nnti kat kolej ko msti bukak n buat perangai x snonoh ko tuh !"... he keeps saying negative things about me that i didn't even do :( i hope i could show him and make him realize what i really do in college instead of him thinking that i'm fooling around like a worthless person.

i try to be.
but i failed to be.
i try again, to be..
i try and i try...
*hoping that i could show him what's right..

mom..i still can accept the fact that u're double... believe it or not, Two personalities.. i really hate it when she's in the personality that tells everyone that i'm really bad(in many ways)...i really love her when she's there to listen n tells me what's right to live (another personality) .. it goes up n down...its really hard to explain..only God's know how it feels ..


tasneem abdul rashid said...

i know...
try to understand..
i pown nk change gak..
evryone pon nk chnge into a better person..
not from bad to worse kn??
be strong beb!
i'm a fren yg akn slalu bhnd ur back to support u in wteva..
as long as i can! siyesly..jnji!
tc hunn..mishiu..

Outback Rosedales said...

syg i love you ! thnks for the support ! :')