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Tuesday, September 29

Macam-macam lah :D

Adoi just got back from 15 . Really tiring , but i have the best feeling ever today. i don't know about later. but i like it this way , i hope it stays. the funny part was when faten tried shisha for the first time. alololo chomel ! wak dah buat jampi ngan asap tuh(die x shisha, tau maen asap je -.-) , yg nau relax je gelakkan kitorg , ika first XNK XNK XNK last last ...hahahahha ! amek ko ! tariq pissed off gila , mcm sial liverpool x score lgsg, n dorg dh kne hentam 2 dh.. well not that i wasted my time there , before that pegi mcd revise for theory in sport's paper. before that lagi buat drawing kat kafe. hee. i'm using the time carefully ok ! papepun , hope the rest of my day could be as good. please.

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