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Sunday, August 16


wow today i went off to watch land of the lost(actually proposal but tukar) with soren n eddy. (nice to meet u eddy).. pagi2 actually dah jnji ngan adith nak grk same but i off-ed my maxis no. that time so he couldn't reach me. last night i x mkn .then pagi tdi perot sng gile vaveng. damn, dh minum milo cm ok ckit..i was glad i could meet soren today. missed u sooo much dear !! after watching the movie we went for a shopping. yabada badooo ! it felt great ! then we ate at the steven's ,, n soren ordered for the kids meal. hahaha. naughty soren. ko pk ko tuh budak kecik ! bile mknn dah smp, haishh, sdp plak yg soren order tuh.. u boleh la order,kalu i kejadah laa. n yea, i met her boyfie alrdy . he was the chippiest guy on earth. xly nk diam ka ! haha.n before this i met him alrdy because jue bought her drumsticks from him, awww, soren.. i wanted to meet anif pulakk. kate dress up die gothic tpi lyn sentimental punye lagu.i know u had probs with him but nxt time will u ? ;)

p/S : i had had the tastiest muffin on earth 2dayy ! ;DDD

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