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Tuesday, August 18

Achitectural Talk.

ehem, scandal baru.
jgn jeles ika
Today , unusually we have to get up early for a talk around 8. KONONnye leh bgn awal but i got up late n i called ika.(die pun bru bgn , siap ckp die igt ceramah tuh mlm agi.haha ). ok , mamat yang ceramah hrinidri tasmania. kasut die bpk ah ! nike yang rm 2,000 spsg tuh ! pahtuh laptop macbook pro , bla blabla. ape2 ar. yg pntg die mcm einstein. n seorg arkitek.
he explains about the global issues yang dh berlaku disebabkan architects. so they wanted to fix it. n n ade stu projek tuh mcm gempak gila, name die "the castle ".. from small it can be a wide ranged room.respect siak. anything aku nk cpai title Ar. tuh !

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